Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Release 26 August 2012 Update New ++ HOT LOSTSAGA Super Mode Hack Pro Special WORK ALL WINDOWS [ HOT ++] MASIH HANGAT MASIH WORK!

pdate New ++
New  lostSaga  WORK ALL WINDOWS,win 7,xp,vista WORK

Don't to show off!

Downloads Cheat
Injector Bisa pkai Perx 

Fast Delay ON = Insert
Fast Delay OFF = Delete

Credit By:
Muh YuSuF HS

-Open PerX
-Change What To Inject Dengan: lostsaga.exe
-Click Browse Masukkan YuSsUF.dll
-Open Lostsaga.exe
-Show Notice ,press Okay
-When In lobby Press hotkeys ON
-After match Press Off
-Hapy Cheat ^__^
Just Lostsaga NA

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